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Haney Garcia Realty Group’s Tips to Selling Your House


Preparing a house for the market is the main concern of every prospective home-seller. This allows future owners to envision for themselves how they will make that home their own comfortable and hospitable dwelling. Likewise, this increases you potential for making as much profit as you can from you long-term investment. Reaping that profit finally can only be achieved through certain necessary steps to be followed, which are:



  • Declutter your house

The physical appearance comes first, of course. Clearing up the house, especially the cellar and the garage will open up space that potential owners may want to see but could not otherwise if you do not declutter.



  • Remove as many personal items as much as possible

Hide personal, especially family photos, in order to make it easy for the prospective buyer feel that they are already living in your home. This will not only distract them or you from unnecessary conversation about you and your family; it will also make you tour of your home more business-like and unobstrusive.



  • Keep interior paint colors and décor a neutral tone

Nothing can be more distracting and evenoff-putting than loud interior colors, garish curtains and rods and paint-splashing abstract paintings on your walls. They tend to, again, distract and take away from the essential value of your home, particularly the use of space, ventilation, natural lighting and other advantages which you would want ot emphasize over the less important matters.



  • Stage your home and rearrange furniture

Having lived in and used your home for so long, you may not value this advice until you realize that selling a home is not about you and your home but about the buyer and his/her future home. Doing away with large furniture will open up space where future owners may be free to visualize their own dreams for the house. In short, you set your home up in such a way that you no longer own or use it but the prospective buyer.



Maximizing the potential of your house’s resale value requires these essential steps and some others which Haney Garcia Realty Group can recommend to you during a consultation meeting. 

Source: http://www.haneygarcia.com